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Two way radios communication solutions to keep your school safe

Immediate communications is absolutely vital in the event of a medical incident or something more serious that requires instant evacuation. Two way radios certainly provide that “All informed” correct plan of action.

In contrast to a mobile phone, where there is a delay in the ring/answering scenario, two way radios make instant communication (Push To Talk/ Release To Listen). This results in no delay, for occasions which are time critical such as fire alarms and evacuations.

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Being able to communicate on time, with the right person, with a right tool is a need that must be fulfilled on a daily basis to keep a school safe. And smart technology like two way radios allows us to do that.

Kate, Superintendent, Primary School


Our latest PD-2L radio built with smarter technology helps you keep your reporting efficient by keeping your communication effortless, instant and interoperable.

Whether it’s daily routine tasks or emergency situations, this lightweight but powerful device helps you keep connected. It’s easy to use and carry on your belt. The smooth design, combined with it’s vital controls, provided you with everything you need to stay connected.

Now, keeping your schools safe is easier than before

Create a safe and secure environment for students and teachers.

talk through two way radio

Consistent communication coverage across the entire school campus.

About Wireless 2-Way

In case you are wondering, why you should trust us! Here is a brief about us.

Wireless 2-Way has been involved in the radios industry since 1989. For over 30 years we’ve been supplying 2-way radio equipment to multiple industries in Australia, USA, and Canada.

With 30 years of experience, within the 2-Way radio industry, we believe we are the specialists in two way radio equipment and accessories. Our qualified staff can design and deliver custom communication equipment and systems to fit your specific short or long term needs. We can also assist with writing and designing tender responses for your business. Our customer service is exceptional.

We just don’t provide you the equipment. We are always there for you to handle all your queries and solve your problems quickly. We also provide you with our easy to follow video training tutorials about programming and using a specific equipment.

Whether you need to upgrade your existing system or create a customized solution from the ground up, you’ll always find the best deals at Wireless 2-Way Radio! Contact us today, and we will make sure your new radios can easily be implemented into your existing infrastructure.

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