Intelligent Two-Way Radio Battery Chargers
ACT’s iCHARGE is the most intelligent two-way radio battery charging/conditioning solutionavailable. If your two-way batteries compromise your radio communications or tie up manpower with complicated maintenance programs, it is time to get rid of your headaches – switch to the iCHARGE two-way radio battery system and save on replacement batteries and manpower. Other similar products only work with only one type of battery, but iCHARGE are suitable for Motorola, Tait, Icom, Ericsson, Kenwood and many other brands.

Key Features

Fastest charge times in the two-way radio market – 1200mAh NiCad Chargers flat to fully charged in around 35 minutes.
Batteries are conditioned as they are charged – this extends the life of a battery by a minimum of 2 times in an operational environment (lab tests have shown up to 5 times).
No user discipline required – batteries can be placed on and removed from the charger at any time without detriment to the battery. Charger ensures that batteries can be topped up and removed before a full charge cycle is complete, again without any detriment.
No periodic conditioning or maintenance regimes are required.
Marginal capacity in-service batteries can be recovered using these chargers – the unique battery charging scheme breaks down chemical build ups within the cells that shorten battery life.
ACT Chargers suit all major two-way radio manufacturers:
Motorola, Tait, Icom, Ericsson, Kenwood and others
In addition, the iGauge adds a level of analysing and battery recovery functionality.
For more information on two-way radio battery charging and two-way radio battery chargers, contact Wireless 2-Way and a communications consultant will help you with all your communication needs.