Two Way Radio Communication Consulting

Wireless 2-Way has an independent wireless communications consulting division with no affiliation with any vendors or service providers. Our business is evaluating, planning, designing, and managing the implementation of reliable, cost-effective wireless voice and data communication systems.

Through qualified wireless communication consultants, our client’s needs and goals are met with top priority, working solely in the best interest of our clients.

Our Two-way Radio consulting team will work closely with your organisation to ensure the successful design and implementation of the most suitable, and cost-effective communications system to meet your needs.

our communication systems designs are based on:

  • A clear assessment and cost benefit analysis of available technologies and system configurations.
  • Our extensive, practical experience implementing reliable, cost effective voice radio communications systems for business operations.
  • Our strong working knowledge of the large variety or proprietary and non- proprietary voice communications technologies.
  • A clear and expert evaluation of all available services to ensure the proposed system meets your budget and operational needs.

professional communication consulting services:

  • Initial needs assessment
  • Technical evaluation of existing system problems and determination of the most cost effective and reliable solutions
  • Preparation of the business case
  • Budgetary funding
  • Coverage analysis
  • Radio system capacity & loading analyses
  • Detailed design development
  • Preparation and release of the request(s) for proposals and/or bids
  • Selection of the most suitable technology and contractor
  • Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) license applications and regulatory filings
  • Oversee system implementation and ensuring contractor compliance with all contractual obligations, to final system Testing, acceptance and commissioning

in summary

  • Our professional communication consultants have over 15 years experience planning designing and managing the implementation of systems on behalf of our clients.
  • We are completely independent from all vendors, manufacturers, and commercial telecommunications service providers.
  • We possess strong, proven technical, and system design skills and knowledge
  • We have strong working knowledge of current and emerging technologies and services.
  • Often ambiguous, over ambitious and misleading claims by vendors and commercial service providers do not fool us.
  • Our communications consultants stay abreast of the changing regulatory environment, and the current, and emerging ACMA regulatory policies, rules regulations, and licensing procedures.
  • We clearly and competently evaluate all practical alternatives and options to determine the most cost-effective, reliable, and safest data and voice solution that will meet our client’s short and long term needs and expectations.

We work as an extension of our clients’ organisation to provide the necessary technical and business expertise, and to support our clients’ internal resources from the initial conceptual and planning stages, through the system design, vendor selection, contract negotiations, system implementation, testing, acceptance and commissioning stages

Wireless communication systems provide an excellent solution for site-based applications to avoid recurring costs and increase operating efficiencies. Operating wireless within the confines of your own facility offers efficiencies, the ability to react in a timely manner, and a way to reduce the cost of employees required to handle a situation.