Wireless 2-Way specialise in providing commercial grade two way radio equipment and associated accessories for use on both large and small Television and Film production sets and onsite locations.

The logistics of working on a movie or TV location has become very complexed and good communications is mission critical. We can and have provided two-way radio equipment to large production crews (450+ units) to allow the entire crew to communicate with each other.

Wireless 2-Way will manage your frequencies and at the same time will program your radios to meet your exact specifications.

We have the ability, with our radios, to show channel names as well as having ‘Voice Annunciation’ on each channel. This allows you to change the channel, without looking at the radio face, by listening to the actual channel name being announced

At 3000mAh, our batteries are at least 33% larger than any other supplier in the market. This gives your production crew the comfort knowing they don’t have to carry 2, 3 or 4 extra batteries on their belt for the day.

Our rental department can meet any need you have for 2-way radio equipment.

Our equipment consists of:

  • Handheld radios (256Ch) with display screen
  • Spare batteries
  • Clear curly chord (surveillance type) earpieces
  • “D” shape earpieces
  • “C” type earpieces
  • Remote Speaker microphones
  • Mobile base stations
  • 6 and 12 unit multi chargers
  • Repeaters with a backup battery in a waterproof pelican case

With large rentals we can supply sign out sheets and at an added cost a MS Access database that tracks your equipment by location and user.