two way radios for school

Are two way radios essential for school or any other educational institutions?

We believe that two-way radios are important to create an educational establishment, a safe, productive, reliable, and secure environment, however large the institution is. The government has been putting pressure on Educational institutions to improve student safety and staff efficiency. The ideal way to improve all of this is by better communication across the campus, and two-way radios are the device that can help institutions with that.

Two-way radios can also help communicate easily and securely across your school whether you want to talk to an individual or the whole group at once.

Digital two-way radios can quickly link different teams in single or multiple facilities with just a touch of a button. Adopting communication through two way radios can increase the staff efficiency as well as help with quick responses. There are numerous models and designs available in the market that can help you meet your needs for your educational institution. 

Now you might be thinking, why not just use mobile phones instead of two-way radios?

The answer to that is mobile networks are a shared resource. Only a certain number of network communications can work on a mobile phone. So there can be situations where the number of active calls might exceed, resulting in call failures or network issues. It isn’t easy to reliably connect over mobile calls or texts, especially during important times. There might be certain areas where the signal can fluctuate or lack coverage. One of the other problems with mobile phones is that the communication isn’t instant. You need to dial the number first and wait until the receiver picks it up, and you can call one person at a time.

On the other hand, using Two-way radios for schools can help you avoid all of the above problems. Using these devices, the educational staff can communicate from anywhere on campus and in real-time. You can connect instantly with just the push of a button. There is no limit on the number of connections in a frequency allowing the whole faculty to connect easily. 

In case of an emergency, there is a general announcement on the institution’s speakers all over the campus, but there might be situations where announcements can cause panic. In such cases, the information can be sensitive. Security of this information is important to avoid confusion. Two way radios in such situations are reliable for communication. You can easily set up a frequency and let others know about whom you want to talk to or communicate with.

For more structured and universal communication two way radios can be installed in various places across the institution. Two way radios are built for purpose and are lightweight as well as discreet. They are designed to excel at communication and networking. They have essential features such as GPS, which ensures the safety of the staff and student health. With the GPS, The staff can easily keep track of other members, which comes in handy if a member gets into an accident. 

Another beneficial feature of the two-way radio is the lone worker. At selected time intervals, the supervisor can check on the status of the radio users with this feature. At the selected time, users will have to answer the radio to confirm that they are available and safe. And if they fail to do it, the radio will go on alert mode and send an alert to the site manager or the control room. This feature is very useful to the staff as it helps to easily communicate if the members are in a remote area of the campus during a school lockdown procedure.

Two-way radios are lightweight and discreet, which allows the faculty members to roam around with them easily and respond in time, whereas if they were using some other device, there could have been a delay in the response time.

The key users of the two way radios in an educational institution are Security teams, administrators, custodial staff, athletics sector. They use two-way radios mostly for Fire drill coordination, Field trip communication, alerts on stranger on campus, response on an incident etc. 

Some of the commonly used two way radios are Motorola DLR 1060 , MOTOROLA DP1400, HYTERA PD365, MOTOROLA EVX S24, HYTERA BD505 and many more. 

We hope that this article has answered all your questions regarding two-way radios for schools. Until next time folks!